We started this website in an attempt to comply with God’s implied request to make known the messages divulged at San Sebastián de Garabandal in the early 60’s and to help as many people as possible prepare for the future events that Cardinal Ottaviani told one of the visionaries in 1975, “are of transcendental importance for the whole world.”  If God sent his mother to live for months in this remote hamlet it is reasonable that he had a serious purpose and that he desires that it be made known.

Starting in the early 70’s, shortly after learning about Garabandal, Kelly promulgated the story by giving slide and movie presentations mainly in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and by writing articles for other groups promoting the messages.  With this web site he hopes to make the Garabandal story known to a wider audience and also to collaborate more effectively with other Garabandal promoters around the world.

In an attempt to reach a broader audience, those who might not come to a religious lecture or read a “Catholic” magazine, he has published a book of general interest – a travelogue showing how he happened upon Garabandal on July 2, 1969 and what he has learned about it since then.