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Ed Kelly

Ed Kelly

Ed Kelly is a retired high school and college Spanish teacher who lives in Brookings, Oregon where he plays in the local symphony orchestra, acts in local theater, fishes in the nearby Pacific Ocean, and writes and speaks on the reported apparitions at Garabandal.  A dozen of his articles have appeared in Garabandal magazines beginning shortly after he first wandered into the area more than forty-eight years ago.  This is his first book on the subject.

He is recognized as an expert in the area of special interest to him, the local church’s investigation and evaluation of the apparitions (Perez, The Village Speaks p. 82).  Much of his four years in the area were spent in Santander, where he spent time in the chancery, church offices, the public and private libraries, newspaper offices, local cafes and bars and on the street where he worked at soliciting talk about the drama that “turned Santander on its head” starting in 1961.  He found no one there who denies that unexplainable events happened in Garabandal.  It is only there cause and importance about which there is diversity of opinion.

A Walk to Garabandal, is a detailed account of his life in the village and region, starting just three and a half years after the last reported apparition.  The Spanish speaking American now serves as a lector and sings in the church choir when in the village.  He has spoken with four of the five members of the bishops’ investigating commission, (Fr. Saiz died the year before Kelly arrived), spoken twice with Santander Bishop del Val Gallo, and received letters stating their position on the apparitions from two of that bishops successors.

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