Rafa Samino and Esmeralda Pérez are two of the protagonists of «Garabandal, only God knows». He plays Don Valentín and she plays Aniceta. On February 9, 2018, when the film premiered at the request of the movie theater, in Torrijos, a small town in the province of Toledo where they live, they attended the second session. That first night, a total of 50 people attended the screening. On Saturday another 50. On Sunday the “word of mouth” had already begun to work and there were 120 spectators. That may seem like few people, but the truth is that “none came out indifferent.”

Good Morning. We are Rafa and Esme, from Toledo. We wanted to share our experience with you. Yesterday we divided the sessions. Fernando García Linares [the actor who plays the rural police officer] with his family would go to the 5:30, and we to the 10:15.

We put the kids in my parents’ house and the two of us went to the movies alone just like when we were dating! We left for the theater thinking about how many times Our Mother in Garabandal had reinforced the bond of marriage. This was our night, just the two of us. It had been almost thirty years since the two of us went alone to the movies.

We arrive at the ticket office, get our tickets and, before entering, a man asks me: “Hey, excuse me. Aren’t you the one who plays the priest in the movie? »« Yes », I answered. “You know? – he tells me – Fulanito [John Doe] invited me to go to Garabandal this weekend, and I answered him: “This weekend, no, man! Garabandal is coming to our town.”

The movie starts. You can’t hear a fly. It ends. The lights go on and, hey, nobody moves, not even the usher.  Suddenly, from the stage, the manager of the cinema shouts: “Well, people. We have to close. “Certainly, can two of the actors who are with us tonight say a words? “  Words, thanks, reflection, applause. Farewell.

Esme leaves the room with her husband.  Four diocesan priests – dressed as priests, of couse – dazzled by the movie follow her.  When I am about to leave, someone closes the door and says to the manager: “Can we stay for five minutes and talk?” “For my part, there’s no problem!” “For me neither!” I reply. And there we were, sharing experiences of the movie, of Garabandal, of life.  And after a long time, someone said: “And now we need a family photo.”  Well, a photo, that is the one that accompanies this article.

Photo session, laughter, emotion, tears … And Our Mother there, in the front and center, enjoying  her children.  31 souls (we counted them, eh!) had attended the session. But none had remained indifferent.

It was one o’clock in the morning when we got into the car and  said goodbye to people we had not known three hours before and who were now part of our lives. It had started as “our night”, “a night at the movies like when we were “novios” (dating)”. And it had ended sharing our privacy (intimacy) with 30 people. ¡¡Blessed be the Lord.!!  ¡¡¡Blessed be the Lord!!!

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