Because what the girls foretold in the past always came true, we await with confidence the fulfillment of their remaining predictions that:

  1. One day soon, everyone in the world will experience a horrifying warning. We would rather experience the pains of death than the short period of this warning, that will bring the good closer to God and warn the others.  It will serve to enlighten our consciences.  We will see ourselves as God does.
  2. Within a calendar year of the Warning, God will, at Garabandal, perform the greatest miracle in history at which the sick will be cured and sinners converted.
  3. If with the Warning and Miracle we don’t amend our lives, God will send a chastisement after which those who remain will live in peace with Him forever. In the award winning BBC documentary, Conchita says yes, that if it occurs, it would be better that her children had never been born.